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A must-have song and ringtone app for the World Cup 2014. - Listen to and play football songs ... More

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Published 28 May 2014

In case you haven't noticed, the soccer World Cup is due to kick off in just a matter of weeks - assuming the Brazilian venues are all up and running and not crippled by promised local strikes. Whoever you support to win the coveted trophy, there's little doubt that Brazil will be many people's 'second team.'  Luis Felipe Scolari's team is a little like the Harlem Globetrotters and are always a pleasure to watch whether you are from Spain, England, Germany or one of the 'minnows' like the USA or Australia. If you are planning to get on the Brazilian wagon you'll be wanting to get into the spirit of things and download this fun, song and ringtone sporting application for Android. Brazil Songs World Cup 2014 gives you all the songs that the fans chant during a game and all sung by authentic soccer fans.
With a team that boasts some of the cream of the world's superstar soccer players, host nation Brazil are hot favorites to take out the twentieth FIFA World Cup - held in various cities across the country - when the final takes place on July 13th. The fact is that, since it's inception in 1930, no European nation has managed to win the trophy on South American soil - probably due to the climate and the tyranny of distance - and it seems unlikely to change this time around. There's Messi's Argentina and Suarez' Uruguay to consider, of...