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Have you ever felt that chill and moment of anxiety when you think you have forgotten or missed ... More

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Published 8 Mar 2013

We seem to have reached a point in software and app development where it is now as equally important to present a user friendly platform that people will feel comfortable with and actually  use rather than the old way of packing your product with neverending features - many of which never get used. And with online marketers now being inundated with business as more and more customers divert their advertising dollars towards the smartphone and tablet revolution of the last couple of years, it is more important than ever to be able to plan, organize and track all your projects. BrightPod is a new digital marketing application that is not only a dream to use but also delivers consummate organizational and collaborative qualities so you can manage all your projects simply and efficiently.
When the developers started putting together this marketing app they went right back to basics. They decided that their first objective was to make a useful collaborative marketing tool that was not only easy to use but their users would actually want to use it. They call it gracious software. So they developed BrightPod as a cloud-based collaborative app that makes it easy to plan, manage and track all your digital marketing campaigns from a central place. Using current collaborative tools it's easy to get to the end of your project and realize that something is missing or you have forgotten an important element. Rather than over complicating the app with features that you don't need, BrightPod went for simplicity and produced a clutter-free, smart, intuitive and easy to use app that seamlessly integrates itself into your working life in an almost zen-like way - ensuring nothing will be forgotten. It delivers a kinder and less abrasive methodology that is so quick and simple to use that even your grandmother will be able to master it...if you'd let her, that is.
When you look at the comments made by users about BrightPod you can get an idea of how it differs from some of the other less user-friendly marketing apps. Minimum functionality and maximum simplicity, clean and intuitive, a joy to use and a great collaborative tool that can be used across multiple locations. Where BrightPod differs from most other project management tools  is in its pre-built marketing workflows which can be saved and reused. The next thing is to integrate with social networks to get data back into the app from the person on the street. So you get the picture? The app simplifies everything and gives you a birds eye view of each of your projects while having all your projects available together. BrightPod is a neat, intuitive clean and simple answer to your project chaos and gives you a much better view of the big picture. In a nutshell, Brightpod builds structure, method, accountability, clarity and  harmony for your marketing team.

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