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A new kind of puzzle game to rival Tetris?

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Broken Lines is a puzzle game with infinite, algorithmically generated levels. The object is to ... More

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Published 19 Oct 2016

I'm guessing that most of us have, at some point in our lives, played the phenomena that is the Tetris game. For the first 100 or so times we play it, it's a fascinating and engaging puzzle game that manages to test our skill and challenges our reaction times whilst helping us to pass the time quite nicely. However, after a while, it just turns into a bit of an addiction where all you really want to do is to beat the system. I hate to call it boring but there is a limit to the amount of times I can play it without wanting to throw my device against a wall. Haha!

So, for all those folks out there who, like me, want to try a different type of game, here's a new one for you. Broken Lines is a puzzle game for Android that has an infinite number of levels and uses algorithms to ensure that you never play the same game twice. The object of the game is to unscramble random colored lines so that they connect into closed rectangles. Sounds simple doesn't it? Naturally, it ain't quite as simple as it first seems and, while it may look easy, the game will test your puzzle solving powers over and over again. Believe me, it's not an easy game to master.

Broken Lines' never-ending levels get progressively more difficult as you play but, if you think the level you are on...