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BrowserStack is an online tool to test website for cross browser compatibility.
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Published 28 Oct 2011

How do you easily make sure that your websites are compatible with all the big browsers. BrowserStack is a domain design tool that will test every aspect of your website's behavior and layout when running through Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera - and all the others.
BrowserStack is an online tool to test websites across all browsers for cross browser compatibility from Safari to Chrome with pre-installed debugging tools.  Firefox to Opera and everything in between. With a complete browser stack at your fingertips you’ll be sure to deliver efficient and effective experiences to more than 99.5% of your users. BrowserStack allows you to test all aspects of a website's behavior and how well it handles under the many different web browsers available. It will test AJAX, CSS, JavaScript and Flash to Applets to make sure that they all run as they are meant to. BrowserStack provides you with pre-installed Flash, Silverlight, Java and more for hassle-free testing. With BrowserStack you can forget about testing locally and save time and money. Instead of VM's, test servers and maintenance you can test website compatibility straight from your browser and focus your efforts on web development and productivity!

You hear all the time about certain websites not working well on certain browsers. You tend to find that's why there is a switch by many customers from Safari to Firefox to Chrome etc. Purely to let one site to work properly. So it's important to...