Developer description

Bscopes Heatmap: Power Blog Reading Tool To Organize Millions of Articles Immediately. Find the post needle in the blogosphere haystack. Do You Have Blog Overload? Remember the promise of RSS? All that great content delivered right to your newsreader. And the great feeling each day when you'd see 100 or 1000 unread posts? All the world's information at your fingertips. Bscopes gives power users a tool to eliminate overload. A Heatmap boils down a large amount of information about each feed in a topic to a simple score. For each topic, Bscopes creates a color coded Heatmap which ranks each of the topic’s blogs on a scale from 1 to 10. View the entire topic as a picture (it’s worth a thousand blog posts) Use a Heatmap to: Organize a topical set of blogs, and Assign a 1 (Cold) to 10 (Hot) score to each We’ve created our own special secret sauce that combines important ingredients about each blog. We then weigh and measure them to create the Heatmap score. The Result: Know, instantly, which feeds need attention Decide which feeds to ignore at a glance Get back to the rest of your world quickly.

Last updated 4 Mar 2012

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