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Developer description

Bubble Pop and Chocolate Candy - is a simple game for kids to play with bubbles and balloons
You may play the game popping colorful bubbles with delicious chocolate candy on the phone or tablet.
Any children will love this game.
Popping bubble to release a sweet chocolate candy from inside the bubble, you must collect all candy chocolate

in the castle.
Collect as many as you can and beat all records.
Bubble popping is everything you need to make your child happy, do not hesitate and choose Bubble Pop and

Chocolate Candy for your child.
Beautiful bubbles with lots of colors and amazing sweet candy.

• Pop bubbles for burst of fun.
• Pop the bubbles to free the candy.
• Beautiful baby game to burst bubbles, all for bringing happiness and joy to children.
• Colorful bubbles and balloons pop.
• Candy bubble pop.
• Bubble explode.
• Choose from 4 levels of difficulty.
• Very entertaining for kids! Bubble pop for toddlers is baby game for the youngest kids.

• Just touch and pop the bubble and release the chocolate candy from inside the bubble.
• Collect all the chocolate candy in little house as many as you can.
• Get the highest score and do not give up.
• Explodes all the bubbles don't lose nothing.
• Playing this game will improve your kids focusing and timing ability.

If you have suggestions about the game don't hesitate to contact us.
If you love this game please share with you friends and spread the word.

Last updated 31 Jan 2015