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Bubble's main feature is to remind you all the things you wanted to talk with a specific person: ... More

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Published 15 Dec 2011

Despite Bubble appearing to be a very simplistic productivity tool for your Android it actually is very clever and extremely useful piece of work.You know when you speak to someone and need to jot down some notes? Well when a contact calls you can make notes on the incoming screen and they will pop up when you next speak to them to remind you of all the things that need some discussion. See, now you are intrigued aren't you? I told you it was useful.

Maybe you are making a list of things to remember to talk to a client about when he calls. Or it could be a lot simpler than that. A few items that your hubby can pick up for dinner on his way home. It could be that. Or you want to remind your friends that you are all meeting at 7:30 at that bar with the cute waiter. If you considered yourself pretty well organized you would have a pad of post-it notes next to the phone and you can toss out the calendar now.Thats where Bubble fits in. Bubble is a note-taking application that connects notes with your contacts. Bubble's main feature is to remind you of all the things you wanted to talk about with a specific person. When they ring, you are easily reminded of all the things that you needed to discuss. Whenever your contact calls, your bubble pops up a personal reminder to inform you...