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Throw away that Filofax and save all your digital links in one safe and convenient place

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Bublup is the one place you can save anything you want - store links, files, photos, GIFs, ... More

Editor's review

Published 19 Feb 2021

Back in the day and before we had computers and smartphones in our repertoire, many of us would keep a Filofax by our side at all times. It would be an essential purchase around Christmas time each year for keeping our notes, phone numbers, addresses and important information in for future reference. It had neat little compartments where we could write down and store everything that we might need quick access to later on. Then computers and mobile devices hit the market with their emails and digital memories and the Filofax became a thing of the past. However, while our devices made life easier in many different directions, I missed the fact that the Filofax kept everything in one place.

Bublup is a new, cloud-based organization and storage app for Android and iOS that is kinda like a more convenient Filofax for the 21st Century. It's a place where you can store pretty much every piece of digital content that you want to. That can be web links, files, photos, videos, music, GIFs, documents and notes and just about anything you want to have at your fingertips for long time storage or quick perusal. Just one click will take you where you want to go. Some have compared it to a cross between Dropbox and Pinterest but without the hassle of going backwards and forwards between app's and emails and photo galleries. Just save it to Bublup with a brief description and a photo and you're in business.

Many will simply use the app as an ultra-easy to use 'Filofax' but others will use it more extensively for planning holidays, collecting recipes, creating school projects, researching new homes or buying a new couch, if it comes to that. Save all the information you find into your newly created visual folder - no matter what it is - and you can find it again with one click when you need it. Anyone can use Bublup. Businesses can use it for planning new projects and sharing large files, teachers and lecturers can use it to plan lessons and to share resources, students can use it for mapping out projects, freelancers can use it to create portfolios of their work and it can be used at home for everything from recipes to planning a vacation. You can even store all your important family photos there. The bottom line is that Bublup is a very versatile app that keeps everything just one click away at all times. 

You can create an unlimited number of visual folders and subfolders in Bublup which can be kept private or shared with friends via messaging, email or social media. You can save different types of content or resource type right next to each other for super convenience. Then label your content and illustrate it with a picture so that you can see it at a glance. When you share your content with others they can make comments and share their reactions. You might even find that the app will suggest similar content via the 'bubbled up' feature. What's more, there are no annoying ads to deal with. 

Bublup goes well beyond basic cloud storage and bookmarking links. Apart from giving you the ability to store digital information you can create beautiful web pages or 'rolls' from your saved content using inbuilt themes and custom layouts and you can even add your own logo and URL. You'll get a huge 3GB of private, secure storage and you'll be given an extra 1GB (up to a max of 12GB) for each person who signs up via your personal invitation. You can also upload files of up to 3GB for free. Bublup is one of the most impressive storage and bookmarking apps we've ever seen and it's completely free. It's available now for Android and iOS from the relevant App Store so you can toss that old Filofax out whenever you're ready. 

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