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Throw away that Filofax and save all your digital links in one safe and convenient place

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Published 19 Feb 2021

[cont'd] find that the app will suggest similar content via the 'bubbled up' feature. What's more, there are no annoying ads to deal with. 

Bublup goes well beyond basic cloud storage and bookmarking links. Apart from giving you the ability to store digital information you can create beautiful web pages or 'rolls' from your saved content using inbuilt themes and custom layouts and you can even add your own logo and URL. You'll get a huge 3GB of private, secure storage and you'll be given an extra 1GB (up to a max of 12GB) for each person who signs up via your personal invitation. You can also upload files of up to 3GB for free. Bublup is one of the most impressive storage and bookmarking apps we've ever seen and it's completely free. It's available now for Android and iOS from the relevant App Store so you can toss that old Filofax out whenever you're ready.