Developer description

At Buboto we value our time. We all know how much we spend checking web pages for new products, new articles, new apartments, etc. over and over. Imagine you can get notified when a product changes its price, or it goes below a certain threshold, or when a new post in your favourite blogs is published, or when the online newspapers that you follow change the main article.

All this and so much more can be achieved with a single Buboto account, regardless of whether the page you want to track has a notification mechanism or not. Everything happens inside Buboto, so forget about sharing your email with every site, and hoping that they won't spam you regularly.

How it works?
1. Search on your browser the web page you want to monitor.
2. Enter the URL address in Buboto to preview it (Create alert).
3. Choose the element of interest that you need from the most relevant ones proposed by our algorithm.
4. Define the activation rules or rule for your alert.
5. Choose the frequency you want them to be checked.
6. Wait till you are notified via email as soon as at least one of the activation rules is satisfied.

The list of semantic activation rules that can be applied are the following:
- has changed
- begins exactly with
- contains the text
- ends exactly with
- is exactly equal to
- is not exactly equal to
- is greater than (numerical content)
- is greater than or equal(numerical content)
- is less than (numerical content)
- is less than or equal (numerical content)

Last updated 12 Apr 2017

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