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Buddha Mind is a revolutionary new way to track your meditations. Whether you're new to the ... More

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Published 15 Feb 2013

Namaste. Yoga and meditation are now a huge part of many people's lives. There is a Yoga school in even the smallest town and meditation, which used to be laughed at by the general populace, is now part and parcel of everyday living. It is said that the act of meditation can lower the heart rate significantly as well as reducing anxiety levels and general mood. You can track and manage your breathing and even track your heart rate when you add a compatible heart rate monitor into the equation. Buddha Mind lets you control your meditative techniques even better.
The health benefits of using yoga and meditation are now taken for granted and everyone from little old grannys through to NFL linebackers indulge on a regular basis to improve their health, flexibility and mental attitude. Many use it casually but others take it more seriously. There are reports of certain enlightened souls being able to reduce their heart rate from the 80's down to the 30's purely by using breathing and relaxation techniques and reducing their heart rate and anxiety levels significantly. Buddha Mind is a revolutionary new way to track your meditations. Whether you are new to the practice of meditation or are a devotee, Buddha Mind can assist with your meditative practice by tracking and managing your mood, anxiety and heart rate. By wearing a compatible Bluetooth LE Heart Rate monitor, you can track your heart rate variability and measure just how effective...