Developer description

****** UPDATE: ******. UPDATE. *****

The latest update of Buddy Bird ToDo has the following fixes :
* Bug fixes for iCloud issues 
* Due to popular request, a tutorial walk-through added on app load(first time). 
This tutorial 'Getting Started' is added in Settings also.
* Reduced the app size to almost 50% by reducing the image size without compromising on the quality.
* Other bugs and  stability improvements.

Ever wanted to check out your important tasks to do in your car, or while cooking? Running? Eating? Now you can with Buddy Bird ToDo, a new app which is the first and only todo app (till Date) that tells you what to do, LITERALLY…On tap of a button, this app reads out the tasks aloud (tasks due Today, Overdue, Soon, tasks in a list, etc) with a very natural female human voice.

Buddy Bird ToDo, is a true game changer for handling tasks, particularly with ever-increasing concerns about reading important tasks while driving. As the only talking todo app, Buddy Bird Todo uses sophisticated text-to-speech technology at its practical best.

It has voice reminders too. i.e., instead of the usual pop up notifications or alerts in other todo apps, this app reads out the task when an alert pop up is displayed using its smart TTS (text-to-speech) engine API. For example, if there is a task ‘Lunch with John on Jan 05th, 2013 at 10:00 pm’ and the reminder alert is set at 9 pm. There will be a pop up notification at 9 pm displaying the task name as well as reading out the task aloud ‘Buddy Bird ToDo reminds you to have Lunch with John on Jan 05th at 10 pm’. The voice reminders are customizable and can be turned off during meetings and other unfavourable situations.
And the surprising thing is that this app does not require any internet connection (Wifi/3G/Edge).
Buddy Bird ToDo for iPhone combines text to speech, voice reminders, task actions and sync to create an incredibly useful and agile to-do list app.

Last updated 20 Jan 2013