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Published 21 Mar 2012

We all know the expression "Money is the root of all evil, "don't we? That phrase is generally only bandied about when we don't really have much of it or when it's hard to budget the money we do have. Budgetable is a new financial application with a slightly different take on the neverending monetary conundrum. Whilst it still delivers you a dollars and cents figure on the money you spend it also links to all your finance accounts and gives you an overall 'Budget Score" to show you how you are faring with your overall finances.
Budgetable is a personal finance software application which makes creating and managing your budget painless and automatic. The original concept behind Budgetable arose after the developers realized that nobody had quite gotten budget software right. Consequently, they devoted their energy towards developing the most innovative and intuitive personal finance software on the market. Whereas many finance solutions present your finances as a spreadsheet or a list of categories for food, entertainment, rent or education with the amount you can spend against each category. Unlike the other money apps it helps you manage your finances by intelligently identifying wasteful spending and analyzing automatically how you are managing your monthly budget. It does this by linking and assessing all your financial accounts and assigns you what they call a 'Budget Score' based on how well you are doing with your money. The idea behind Budgetable is to frequently monitor your 'Budget Score' and encourage you to improve your spending habits and meet your monthly budget. It does this by providing you with a long term goal based on four categories including essential, nonessential, savings and debt. Your Budget Score is based on these four categories.
There are plenty of financial budget applications available but Budgetable attacks the problem a little differently than most. This free, easy-to-use and safe and secure app allows you to automatically set up a budget for your personal finances and identify any potential wasteful spending. It delivers an array of tools that can affect your financial life in a great way. Budgetable makes budgeting appealing for everybody and does this by making the budgeting process completely transparent. It doesn’t require any “managing” at all. Everything in Budgetable is automatic and focuses on long-term financial improvement.

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