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Published 9 Sep 2011


No one could say that the world is short of financial planning and budget apps and some are more welcoming than others. Budgetpulse falls into the welcoming category because not only are the features clear and user friendly, the website has a whole host of helpful information and explanations available to read before you even sign in.

The purpose, like most others, is to help you see where your money is going, help you budget better for the future and also to help you set and achieve financial goals big or small. It can also tell you your current net worth, which might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you’re doing against budget!

Set up is easy and starts with the profile page where you can enter your details wherever you are in the world and in whatever currency you use. Once this is done you can move on and set up your accounts.

Budgetpulse doesn’t sync with your bank accounts or take sensitive personal information from you so identity theft is not an issue and there are two ways to input data. From the tools section you can upload bank statements from your existing Quicken or Microsoft money file or from a CSV Excel file with a format supplied by budgetpulse. If none of these methods suit then it’s easy to manually create accounts.

When adding transactions to your various accounts you can categorize them, split them and add notes to them to...