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Editor's review

Published 10 Nov 2011

Simple by name and simple by nature, I like both the look of this app and the principles behind it. On top of that, and especially as there are now a large number of households staring down the barrel of unmanageable debt, I’m lifted by the fact that there is something available to help the ordinary guy in the street to get a serious grip of his finances.

There are many apps around that give you the story in great detail and they are all very good in their own way. For families that don’t have multiple bank accounts and perhaps pay for a lot of stuff with cash the basics are all they need to get them on the straight and narrow and this app will do that very nicely.

The theory behind good budgeting is as the sight points out – spend less or at least equal to what you earn. BudgetSimple lets you set limits for the various categories of household expenditure and then enter relevant expenses against them plus your income as you go through a month. The simple dashboard will give a running total of actual spend against budget and let you know what’s left at any given time.

To help illustrate the spending patterns and help highlight any areas where economies might be made the reports feature has simple but informative graphics. A multi-colored pie chart will show the exact split with percentages alongside giving you an immediate overview of where your hard earned cash is going. A bar graph is also included showing you how your income is bearing up against expenses on a monthly basis.

I like the simplicity of this app from a transaction entry standpoint and the fact that this very simplicity doesn’t affect its impact and overall usefulness for people uncomfortable with more feature filled expense apps. For those people serious about reducing debt the charts and graphs should provide enough encouragement to keep them going in the right direction.

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