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BudgetSketch is a simple, effective tool for creating a monthly budget. BudgetSketch is free, ... More

Editor's review

Published 10 Nov 2011

I share some of the views expressed in this apps sales pitch wherein they extoll the virtues of looking forward rather than back in an effort to control your expenditure. Having said that if you want to avoid financial black holes it is sometimes a good idea to look back and see how you screwed things up before.

Despite that I do like the look of this budgeting site with its clear and user friendly interface. The idea is simple and is based on plotting your expenses and setting budget goals which should help keep your eye on cash flow and keep you focused on exactly where you want to be.

You can add income and expenditure easily and manage everything with a drag and drop function. The main budget page shows how you’re doing on a monthly basis broken down by week with totals at the bottom.

Any surpluses available after a period can be transferred to financial goals such as savings or perhaps, given the worrying economic climate, to reducing a credit card balance faster than originally budgeted. The main push of this site after all is to help get people out of unmanageable debt situations.

The basic plan is free and does what it says, the basics. For $2.99 a month though you can get the Pro Plan which includes color categorization, goal progress and history and the ability to upload bank statements. For your money you can also share your Budget Sketch with others and so perhaps give your accountant or financial advisor something really solid and well thought out to work with.

I do like the mixture of reality and goals which let’s face it is the only way to achieve a manageable solution in all walks of life. The easy look and functionality of this app should certainly make those financial goals in life more achievable.

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