Developer description

It's Congress's job to represent the American public, and in order to do that they need to hear from us. Our representatives hear from lobbyists all the time - they drop by their offices, have their personal cell phone numbers etc. Build Quorum was built to give the people they're actually representing that same level of access.

When you send a message on Build Quorum, it is immediately delivered to your reps. We use your address to determine who your representatives are - then we email, fax or submit your message directly to their official webforms. This ensures that your message will always make it to its destination, every time.

We pride ourselves on being non-partisan and are fully committed to your right to free-speech.

- Create, sign and share messages to all of your representatives in one place, both in Congress and at the State level.
- Your message goes directly to their inbox every time, not as just another name on a petition.
- When you create an account, easily sign messages with just one click, view your representatives, and follow your friends and issues you care about (coming soon).

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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