Developer description

As said today on AppAdvice, "What makes Bits a great social networking app, however, is the ease and speed at which you can go from nothing at all to sharing your final product. You can share any of the graphics saved in your Bits library via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MMS, and email in mere moments. You can also copy graphics to your clipboard and bring them into a different app, or save them to your photo library and do whatever you want with them." - ~appadvice 3/8/12

The current standard formats of email, text and wall posts always seemed so impersonal, limiting and, well, quite simply, boring! We needed a way to stay connected that was technically savvy enough to allow us to communicate using all forms of media in situational appropriate ways, but that also kept it engaging and personal. We needed a way to "share the full story," in a way that could pull all forms of media together into one easy, multi-user, multi-format communication platform.

Because of the creativity it allows, Buncee is more than just a social network. Whether for business or for fun, Buncee gives you the opportunity to send the message you need to "tell a story" in a personal, multi-faceted way, that allows everyone in your circle to immerse themselves in your experience. So enjoy using this marvelously modern, multi-media form of communicating and let your personality and creativity shine through to share a “bit” of yourself.

Last updated 21 Mar 2012