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Published 27 Nov 2020

I think it was former General Electric CEO Jack Welch who once said: “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others” and never a truer word was said when it comes to business. The fact is, companies spend close to $400 million dollars each year on training via seminars and one on one sessions. The trouble with that is, much of it is aimed at the wrong audience and its often the 'elder statesmen' who go to those things. Business is changing these days and leaders are getting younger. Let's not forget that the largest proportion of our workforce, 35% in fact, are millennials and one in five of those holds a leadership position. Those are the ones that we want to become our inspirational leaders of the future. 

So, the question is this. As a potential future leader, do we want to spend huge amounts of money by signing on to the latest Tony Robbins weekend extravaganza where we walk through fire or do we take a more measured journey? Many of our greatest leaders take a much more gentle and cerebral slope to success. In truth, more and more are turning to the Bunch AI leadership coach. Bunch is a free coaching and leadership app for iOS that breaks down the world's knowledge on leadership and feeds it to you in bite sized chunks. It's aim is to make you...