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Just 2 minutes of tips per day can turn you into a leadership king

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Published 27 Nov 2020

[cont'd] a 1% better leader each day. 

Bunch's highly intuitive AI will get to know you over time and will tailor advice - and a great deal of wisdom - to your specific leadership style and will lead you towards your goals. It will feed you tips from inspirational leaders which are vetted and curated by Bunch coaches making it easy and natural to grow. Just take a couple of minutes per day over your morning coffee or your commute to the office and you'll be inspired and wiser every day. This app is the one that is used on a regular basis by over 3,500 leaders from some of the top companies around the globe. 

Leadership used to be about which school or college you went to but that's not necessarily so anymore. The skills needed to lead a team of individuals - or the whole company, if it comes to that - are now available to everybody. It comes down to listening to the wise words of our peers who have experienced many things and know how to lead people themselves. They could be politicians, sports people or business executives who have experienced it all before and know how to motivate the people who work for them or with them. Sadly, it's reckoned that around 60% of managers have never received any serious training in leadership and with the pandemic still causing havoc across the world, leadership has never been so important.