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A fun and exciting Egyptian-themed arcade game to test your skills

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The funny but helpless Geemies are relying on you - their survival is in your hands! Tap, swipe, ... More

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Published 9 Nov 2015

Independent games developer Steampunk Wizard’s first game in their Mummy series was an action-adventure-puzzler called Bungee Mummy: King’s Escape. It was an an exciting and funny Egyptian themed, level-based game for Android and iOS where you had to swing around ancient tombs like Spider-Man and defeat the evil Solark who has stolen your throne. Now they've released a follow up game called Challenges that, rather than competing on individual levels, consists of four mini games to test your tapping, swiping, pulling and flicking skills.

Challenges is an exciting, fun, easy to play and free arcade game where you can make your mummy ball jump like a superhero and shuffle up, down and sideways on crumbling pillars like surfers riding the tide to help King Phero save the funny but helpless Geemies. This easytouch game takes you on a joyride that explores Egyptian legends, surfing through dangerous areas, arena by arena, in order to survive. Take your hopper hero on a fun run across various arenas that are packed with endless pesky, fishy snakes and scorpions to smash and fight, cramped cages to bungee blast through, with arcane scarabs to be collected and crates to drop accurately into escaping carts.

There are four unique arenas to master and each requires a different set of skills for success. In Bungee Blast you launch through cages and boom them to help the Geemies run and escape to survival. Speed and sharp senses are needed to win the fandual between your...