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The smoothest way for freelancers to manage their projects and invoices.

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Bunker is a simple projects and invoices management app for freelancers. We focus on user ... More

Editor's review

Published 17 Oct 2011

For just $5 a month freelancers can now get easily organized with this new app that will centralize all aspects of current projects and remove the hassle of switching from programme to programme. Once completed, all project details are then archived for easy access.

If you’re looking for a simple no nonsense management tool then this could be for you. Bunker lets you create client profiles and then assign projects to them. Task lists can then be entered with due dates for set tasks. If you haven’t completed a task at the time set then you’ll get a gentle reminder which is a good thing if you have nobody else in the office to crack the whip.

The headache of invoicing can also be greatly eased with all of the relevant information flowing through to create a professional looking document with a URL that can be emailed to clients. These can be marked as paid when funds are received.

The developer describes the system as minimalist and that’s spot on. There’s not a lot more to it and that could be a big attraction for anyone just starting out and wanting some proper organization but not too many bells and whistles. What is there does come with helpful tips and guidance and no doubt more functions will be added as user numbers grow.

You can try it all out for nothing if you are never likely to have more than 2 projects on the go at once with one invoice a month to each. Again, this would suit a new kid on the block who could get comfortable with the system and then move on the paid package as the business grows.

Simple organization is often the best way and this app will certainly provide that

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