Developer description

Buno was developed with a minimalistic approach by paying attention to making note-taking quick, intuitive and minimal. Here's how -
We built a swipe feature that helps users to take notes by using gestures, this reduces the effort of tapping on buttons thus making them redundant; making the whole process fast and intuitive. Typography and layout took the most amount of time while working on Buno. By using grey and white tone accompanied by Roboto font family, we managed to eliminate UI distractions. Thereby, making it look neutral to the eye of the user. Doesn't matter if you are a usual note-taker, novelist, content writer or even a blogger; Buno helps you categorise thoughts with it's systematic Buckets. Put your thoughts in buckets(folders) or access them in our pre-listed buckets - All Notes and Uncategorised. A multi-device sync feature helps you access notes on iOS, Android and Web(coming soon). Notes have an end-to-end encryption that saves all sensitive information in case of an unauthorised access. What's more? All of this is absolutely free.

Last updated 18 Jul 2016

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