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Published 6 Mar 2017

[cont'd] can motivate each other verbally as well as physically.

BurnAlong is a very convenient app for iOS that was created specifically for regular people - like you and me  - who want to exercise but struggle to find the time or the motivation to get right down to it. Here is a place where you can exercise with friends and instructors who can motivate you into action. The app features a huge selection of authentic workout classes filmed using the best instructors from gyms and studios all over the country and with a vast array of levels to suit your style as well as your level of fitness. You'll even find a batch of celebrity trainers in there too but thankfully, we're not talking Hollywood actors teaching or taking classes here. These are real experts with great motivation skills. New classes are added all the time and you can choose to take classes alone or add your friends using the live video streaming feature.

You can create group goals and challenges to push yourself and your friends with lots of options and levels to spice up your workout. Choose from yoga, barre, bootcamp, boxing, cardio or martial arts with 15-20 minute classes so you can hardly claim that you don't have the time. It's easy to find a class that's right for you with different levels available based on your experience. You also wont need any complicated and expensive equipment for most classes either. What...