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Fast issue and bug tracking for the individual developer

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Published 28 Sep 2012

[cont'd] issue and bug tracking. Bushido Tickets puts the user in control of the software development project by providing the user with the tools to  oversee and keep track of the issues and bugs in the software development process. Bushido Tickets’ main purpose is to empower and enable the user to become the best and most efficient software developer by helping you to stay on top of the inevitable issues and bugs that arise throughout any development process. This means that you will always know exactly what your team is working on and allows you to collaborate and communicate with anyone.
The thing that will probably attract more people to use this bug tracking and issue tracking application is it's simplicity of use and the fact that it works immediately. Bushido Tickets appears to be a tracker that is on the way up though it is only in beta at the moment. However, this does mean that you can take advantage of its many features absolutely free as they are offering a full year of its Gold package free plus a special badge on your avatar to show that you were one of the original sign- ups. Bushido Tickets is a fine piece of software development that's well worth taking advantage of now before you realize that you really need it