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Developer description

Business GAGE is a thorough and objective platform for conducting a Gap Assessment of business performance relative to Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and Business Process Improvement (BPI) Best Practices. It is used effectively by internal champions leading an in-house assessment team, and also by expert consultants/facilitators guiding clients through the process of:
- scoring the organization's performance against Best Practices
- highlighting areas of greatest need for improvement
- illustrating how strongly (or poorly) performance correlates with relative importance of various practices
- setting priorities for resource deployment
- identifying follow-on opportunities for effective revenue-generating engagements

Data entry is quick and easy. Scoring is reported in numerical as well as graphical format. Graphical presentation of results includes:
- scoring across the various categories of Best Practices
- relative importance of the various categories of Best Practices, as defined by the assessment team
- alignment and correlation of scoring with priorities

Client data is stored on the local device and browser used for the assessment (HTML5 compatibility required, with LocalStorage enabled), so data security is not an issue.

Final results include a rating of where the organization appears to be on the continuum toward Advanced Performance. Assessment data can be captured and preserved with email and with simple copy-and-pasted, allowing the program to be reset for the next assessment without loss of data.

Based upon the team's responses, levels of urgency (improvement priorities) are rated for each category. In addition to the numerical and graphical scoring presented, a perhaps even greater benefit of Business GAGE is the in-depth discussion, team interaction, and shared discovery that necessarily occurs during the assessment process.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015