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Make some noise with Button Party, a website that lets you create buttons that play sounds and ... More

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Published 23 Oct 2011

Sometimes words just aren't enough are they? Sometimes to get your true feelings across you need a button to get your message across with bells on. Or maybe you just to want to create a bit of a buzz on something you are trying to promote. Make it big...make it bright...make it a button. Button Party is a fun audio design tool that will get your message across and you'll maybe put a smile on people's faces too.
Button Party is a website that lets you make some noise in the big world out there. It enables you to create buttons that play sounds and then you can share them with your friends. Just name your button, choose a color for it, set a URL for it and then link it to a YouTube video for the sound source. Pretty cool, huh? You can choose from the many buttons already created and just download them for your personal use or you can even create your own.

Well it wasn't that long ago that people announced their backing of bands, causes or products with a badge on their jacket. Now you can do the same thing and show your support with a home made button that you can download and promote on your website for free. Whether you are being frivolous or deadly serious and have a point you are trying to get across there is no stopping you. Actually I can think of some words that I would like to put on buttons right now...excuse me, I think I'll go and button up now.

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