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Developer description

Its a pay-per-mention platform: http:/

We've seen pay per post, buying likes, tweets and shares.
Now I see things a little bit different. I see all them bits of information referring to you, as mentions.
One mention is a text(doesnt matter small or big) that refers to something.
These mentions can be bought and sold, so I thought a bit and made a marketplace for them at

It works similiar to freelancer/ buyer creates a campaign and writers bid on it.
Buyer funds mentions he likes, writers post them, buyer review and release funds.
This flow gives buyer ability to control where and what gets posted.

User interface is super minimalistic - we left only things that are really needed.

While pay-per-post as we know is dead, this is new kind of a tool that can generate content, links and traffic.

Last updated 8 Apr 2014