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Published 28 May 2012

If there is one industry that is on the up in these tricky financial times it is the app. It's getting to the point where having an app tied up to your business is an essential part of marketing, development and organization, not to mention sales. It isn't home computers that are the boon market these days - tablets and smartphones are where it's at and we all know how avidly those souls search out apps for their toys. So, you've developed your app for the new markets but how do you take it one step further and get your customers to download your baby? Buzzdoes can help. It's a word-of-mouth and cost effective marketing tool that promotes your app in a risk free way as you only pay when your customer downloads.
Promoting a new app in today’s crowded and ever-growing app market requires more focused and effective methods. A recommendation from a trusted source can cut through the noise of traditional marketing, making it the most influential and reliable way to promote an app. The buzzdoes automated word-of-mouth tool is an effective marketing channel for increasing exposure and downloads in the crowded apps market. buzzdoes uses rewards to encourage your users to recommend apps and essentially creates a viral distribution channel. The user download itself is not incentivized. Each happy customer can effortlessly steer dozens of new users your way. Joining is as easy as dragging and dropping an icon. buzzdoes is a profitable, risk-free marketing model that can be used on its own or as part of a marketing mix. The developer is billed only upon a user download that results from a buzzdoes user recommendation. There are no strings attached. Not only can buzzdoes help you penetrate and expand your market share but the app’s social feature also serves as an advertisement area giving you a new revenue stream. buzzdoes enhances your app with social and viral aspects using a single line of code. Without the need for a dedicated download or registration, buzzdoes enables your users to distribute your app with the tap of a button.
So many think that their hard work is all done after they release their app onto the market but, in reality, this is where the hard work begins. Trying to convince people to download your product in this crowded marketplace is not easy - even if you have a masterpiece in the making. you just have to look at quite simple apps like Pinterest to realize that it's all about timing and exposure. buzzdoes is a marketing tool to work on its own or as part of an advertising campaign. They have also just announced the Buzz App Awards for 2012 to find the next great app and the three winners will share US$10,000. All publicity is good publicity, so they say and buzzdoes is a great way to try to catapult your app up and alongside Pinterest.

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