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Published 8 Sep 2011

Everyone loves sites like these. You know how it goes, you search for a video called biggest crocodile ever caught and you'll find it here. Four hours later your mouth will be dry and you'll have watched everything from a story about Fighting Obesity With Marijuana to Pics of Pippa Middleton topless. BuzzFeed is a free and very cool looking tool that features all those weird and wacky videos and crazy stories that have the potential to go viral. 

BuzzFeed is full of great content and I mean FULL. Not only does it feature pages and pages of outrageous videos and hilarious stories but it's also is a hotbed of Hollywood gossip. This stuff is the sort of stuff that creeps into the water cooler subconscious and you can bet your life there'll be one smartass in the office in the morning who'll berate you for not seeing the latest viral masterpiece. BuzzFeed is bright and buzzy and you can seriously spend a day inside looking at all the content. Add the widget to your website and you can post your own videos, images, links and comments. You can even create your own feed and launch ideas you'd like to take viral.


I love these sites. I'm always looking for a place to find all this stuff that is usually spread all over the Internet. BuzzFeed gathers all the goss and cool videos together in one huge and very funny paparazzi...