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Fun and easy way to get cool ideas for solving your business, sales or creative challenges, by ... More

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Published 20 Apr 2013

You hear it said all the time! The hardest part of the creative process lies in that spark of an idea that spurs you on in the first place and sets the juices flowing. And who better could there be to come up with those ideas than the people that will benefit the most - the general public and your customers. Buzzsourcing is a new business monitoring and marketing application that uses crowd sourcing to get the answers to your marketing questions. This easy to use app is perfect for businesses that deal with the public and who want to spark their creative juices with opinions from the people out there.
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need an idea, a suggestion or just a simple point of view from your customers to give your business and creative challenges a bit of a boost well this brainstorming research app might just be for you. Buzzsourcing is a fun and easy way to get cool ideas for solving your business, sales or creative challenges. It does this by using crowd opinion and knowledge - simply by asking a question. The developers have developed a unique, easy and fun to use marketing app that only has one goal - to help you solve your challenges by using crowd opinion. Buzzsourcing is a brainstorming engine - a sort of Q&A with a twist - that was developed specifically for brands, agencies, hotels, freelancers, businesses and business owners. It aims to give you answers...