Developer description

Cadaba was conceived when a close family friend expressed their frustration of driving their three daughters to three different tutoring locations in order to accomodate their separate individual needs. We thought of a solution: providing them with online tutoring services in the comfort of their home,
that match and supersede the quality of tutoring services offered by conventional tutoring institutions.

We save parents the hassle of driving around, looking for parking (especially if you are downtown or midtown). We free up their time so that they can be at home to work or catch up on other important pressing tasks or even just relax after a full days work. From the child's perspective, we provide them quality and captivating education and allocate them more time.

Parents can stay with their children at home and monitor their performance while witnessing a gradual improvement leading to success.

Lastly, we are more affordable and competitively priced than having a private tutor show up at home and provide one on one instruction.

Cadaba aims to increase the awareness of online education in the province of Ontario in Canada, by offering a holistic approach to online tutoring for the Ontario Curriculum, from Kindergarten to grade 8. We also offer affordable language learning classes to Ontario as well as the entire Canadian population . Our teachers are Certified teachers who have successfully completed their B.E.D. This ensures that your child will be recieving premium quality academic support in all subjects.
Once your child is enrolled in Cadaba, you will see an immediate difference in their academic performance, their confidence, their comprehension and their willingness to succeed.

Last updated 30 Nov 2012