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Café is a communautary and local urban guide of places to go out in largest cities in ... More

Editor's review

Published 11 Oct 2011

Cafesworld is a fledgling travel and social event tool  that gives you an idea of the quality of cool cafes in some of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom, Canada, France and even Australia. There are many that actively hunt out the great coffee places in the world and base their holidays around those meccas to caffeine. Cafesworld takes that one step further by encouraging locals and travelers to recommend and share their favorite cafes in their favorite towns and cities around the world.
Given that we all travel so much these days it is an added bonus if a fellow traveler or better still, a local, could tell you the best places to frequent (or not, as the case may be) when you visit. Café is a communautary and local urban guide of places to try first in the largest cities in Canada, Australia and France with the United Kingdom to be added soon.  A communautary, for those of you that arent sure, is basically a place that local people recommend in their own community. This iphone tool allows you to discover, suggest and share  great restaurants, bars, theaters, concert halls, nighclubs and suchlike with your friends and the rest of the world with just a click of the finger.

It's got to be a good thing to add a touch of local knowledge when you are planning a trip. There's not a lot worse than being subjected to dodgy food when you are traveling abroad. CafesWorld allows it's users to post their true feelings about food places (and plenty of other attractions if it comes to that.) Its early days for this free iPhone travel tool and, if it gets bigger, will be an indispensable way to garner local knowledge for your travels.

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