Developer description

Calculator 24 Free for android is an app not only beautifully designed but also easy to use anytime and anywhere. It is a perfect problem solving calculator with just a click. First app that speaks the result you get after calculation.Also Enjoy your media player music working in the background while using this app.
It can not only solve problems regarding Mathematics but also for shopping, calculating taxes etc, with ease.
All you have to do is to enter two numbers x y and then just press the operation key, you wish to perform between those numbers and result will be displayed in the result box, and so there's no equal (=) sign used in this app.
Previous calculation result can also be seen in the result box and same can be used for next operation.
Calculator will never rotate, so no problem or disturbance will be faced because of auto-rotation feature. Its colorful background and well designed buttons make it look attractive.
This brings all the features that you expect from a perfect calculator:
- What you get as the result is what the device speaks, i.e. you’re not only able to enter and see the result but you can also hear the device speaking that result for you.
- No equal sign needed at all.
- Enter two numbers x and y when you have to perform operations like addition, subtraction,
division, multiplication & power.
- Enter just the value of x when you have to perform all other operations.
- Special buttons Cx, Cy and AC performs those tasks that you wished for-
a. Cx - Clears the entered value of x
b. Cy - Clears the entered value of y.
c. AC - Clears all the values.
- You get to hear an interesting sound every time you press the button.
- Additional menu options like send feedback and Mute can be used according
to users convenience.
- Special operations also present -
a - Percentage (%) – that you generally use for shopping.
b - Cube Root - calculate cube root of a number.
c - Square Root - calculate square root of a number.
d - Power - calculate any y power of number x.
e - Inverse - calculate inverse of a number or reciprocal of a number.
f - Trigonometric functions- Calculate sin, cos, tan, cosec, sec, cot of a number
entered in radians.
g - Inverse Trigonometric Functions
h - log - Calculate logarithm of a number.
i - ln - Calculate natural logarithm of a number.
j - e - Calculate exponential value of a number.

Last updated 30 May 2015

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