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Published 4 Jul 2015

There really hasn't been that many changes to the concept of calculators since they were first thrust onto the civilized world in the '60s. Of course, there have been a few variations like the scientific calculator but realistically it's only the size and shape that has changed over the years. There's probably even a calculator on your iOS smartphone. Basically, you still just get a simple keypad and a digital readout but not much else. Calcuta was designed because the developers, Coriander, felt the same way about the humble calculator. They were tired of inflexible and archaic keypads and the boring traditional interfaces available so they completely redesigned it for the 21st Century.

The old numeric square pad keyboard has been replaced with a beautifully elegant radial keypad and they added a revolutionary new user-friendly interface that lights up when in use.

Calcuta aims at addressing many of the simple frustrations that everyone has had with calculators over the years. Consequently, this app for iOS looks completely different to any other. It uses a very sleek, gorgeous and intuitive interface that is based on a scientifically validated radial keyboard that makes extensive use of gestures. In ergonomic testing, it was found that a radial dial scored much higher on speed of use amongst users as well as having a much lower error rate. Because of these findings, the developers have got rid of the traditional numeric keypad and replaced it with a stunning, elegant and minimal radial...