Developer description

Link up with Calenzen and all your appointments will instantly click-to-dial. No need to use a special app or change email programs. Compatible with everything app you use today. See why many of your customers, prospects, and colleagues already love us!

We’ve all fought with how to dial-in to so many awful meetings, and the root cause is undoubtedly your colleagues well-intentioned meeting invitation. If only you could instantly find the phone number, URL, and conference code no matter who scheduled the meeting and what conferencing system they use.

While you can’t fix everyone you meet with, Calenzen seamlessly reformats meetings in your calendar so you can always instantly click to dial. No special apps, calendar programs, or software is ever needed.

See what a perfect invite looks like, and how Calenzen’s AI and crowdsourced engine makes sense of your calendar so you don’t have to.

Last updated 12 Feb 2019

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