Developer description

CallHound is an essential app for those who want to get rid of unwanted calls forever. This app is a doubtless leader among other call blocking apps, with a lot of great features for calls filtering. CallHound has an intuitive interface, and the app look is at whole close to native iOS design. It is easy for the users manually to create, manage and edit rules in CallHound anytime they need. As one of the advantages, users can establish an unlimited quantity of rules in the app. Furthermore, fine-tune them considering register, special symbols, and emoticons.

With 'Spam rule' users can completely block incoming calls from certain phone numbers, so that they won’t occur. This feature allows blocking anyone, from advertisers to strangers. Applying 'Unwanted rule' to the number it will be marked with the ‘unwanted’ tag on the screen, so you could choose to answer or not. Great news for those, who care about backups! In CallHound you can authorize with one of your social accounts and save your rules in the cloud. All data will be transferred automatically when installing the app on another device. All in all, you don’t need an Internet connection to use CallHound and being in safe from spammers.

Last updated 5 Oct 2018

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