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A unique, convenient and reliable app to annotate all your business phone calls

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Callorb is a mobile call tracking tool which allows you to annotate all of your incoming and ... More

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Published 15 Jun 2014

If you have to rely on hand written notes or your memory to keep track of your business dealings and phone calls in the 21st Century you really aren't fulfilling the potential of your capabilities. It's not so bad if you are dealing with the odd phone call but, if you are receiving a fair number of enquiries, there is no way you will be able to keep track of everything that is said or done. Callorb is a simple but effective productivity application for Android that let's you note and make notes on all your phone calls as soon as you've completed the call. It is particularly geared towards 'salespeople' with a high volume of telephone interactions like real estate agents, property managers and attorneys-at-law.
With Callorb, you can manage all of your business calls easily. Make notes on whom you’ve talked to, when you talked to them and what you talked about. It is the perfect mobile call-tracking tool and allows you to annotate all of your incoming and outgoing calls immediately after the call is complete.  You can go back to the app afterwards and further annotate the calls, group and classify them and prepare and run reports on the results of those calls. Callorb is particularly useful for busy and often transient people like real estate professionals, property managers and attorneys whose lives are filled with constant movement and with much activity going on around them. Calls have a habit of coming in when least expected and follow ups of leads are essential to survive in this fast-paced mobile market place. Calls can be easily annotated while on-the-go and Callorb means that you will never lose track of what has been discussed. The annotation and all the information about the call is automatically uploaded to the cloud where it can be accessed from anywhere and whenever you want.
Many of us live very busy business lives and it's not easy to keep track of everything that is going on. We often find ourselves juggling many different hats and it's important to act on many of the phone interactions that we have every day. Get it wrong or forget about a conversation and you will be the first to hear about it. Callorb is a unique, easy to use and good looking Android app that automatically records your incoming and outgoing calls while allowing you to add notes whether you are in the safety of your office or out in the middle of nowhere. Whether you are receiving repair and maintenance calls, requests for contractor or client meetings or just need to follow up on a conversation, Callorb is a convenient and reliable app to keep you on track.

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