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Calm Down Now is the best app for stress relief & sleep.

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Published 17 Jul 2013

Thankfully, most of us have absolutely no idea of the often devastating effects of stress, panic attacks and poor sleeping patterns. Very often, the three go together. While we certainly don't trivialize stress there is a definite lack of understanding amongst the reneral public. For those that do suffer there are many methods of dealing with it that cover the whole gamut of healing methods that runs from everything from meditation to heavy drugs. Calm Down Now is a new healthcare application for iOS that attempts a much simpler remedy for stress relief and similar issues. Developed and created by noted psychotherapist June Tomaso Wood to her accompanying book, CDN offers relaxing words and  sounds as well as empowering thoughts to give instant relief to your anxiety and sleeping problems.
Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? Do you have issues with sleeping that could be simply jet lag or the dreaded insomnia? Maybe you are having trouble in managing the stress from work and our busy home life? Or maybe it could just be that you have a baby that wakes up frequently at night? Calm Down Now™ is the leading app for relief from all of these everyday problems and combines all  the top methods for instant relaxation and overcoming anxiety. The app lets you listen to any of the four different guided relaxation audios to help you relax and 24 audios created to evoke calmness.  Learn wonderful empowering techniques in the animated handbook...