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Developer description

Cameleon’s innovative filter selection lets you give a quick look at all the creative opportunities offered by the over 40 integrated filters with few gestures of your fingers. It’s pure inspiration, at your fingertips. Because we believe it’s better to spend time shooting rather than picking out a filter.
Cameleon shows a live preview of each filter, applied directly to whatever you see in the frame. The filters are placed along the sides of what we call the Qube. Scroll vertically to browse through each filter in a category, scroll horizontally to flip through categories. There are four categories:
• Retro: these filters hold the essence of film photography and are ideal to give a vintage look to your pictures.
• Pop: particularly suited for daylight scenes, these filters will make the colors of your shots stand out.
• Monochrome: appreciate every shade of black & white (and not only!) with this gorgeous collection of monochromatic filters.
• Lomo: designed to reproduce the peculiar tones of the lomographic movement, these filters will unleash the lomographer within you.

• Video: real-time filtered, 720p. It’s like a photo, but it moves!
• Photo: glorious full resolution photos!*
• Square: for the 1:1 format appeal and for Instagram-ready pictures.
• Double-Exposure: shoot two photos, over each other. Real-time preview of the final result, adjustable exposure compensation and possibility to select another filter between the two shots. What more can you ask?

*Except on iPhone 4S (4.0 MP with back camera).

• Focus & exposure: easily set focus and exposure separately with just one finger. No more tricky gestures, simply tap to set focus, press and hold to set exposure, double tap anywhere to revert to auto focus and exposure.
• Grid: optional grid to help you with your composition.
• Share: you can share your stills with your friends using Twitter, Facebook, or every other app compatible on your iPhone directly within Cameleon.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015