Developer description

A flirt app that has nothing to do with other dating apps

Having a get-together in a bar, in the park, at the movies or in a popular tourist spot? Camera flirt App provides a quick, easy, and funny way to make live contacts with someone you are into. Just hand over your phone to someone you like. Then ask that someone for a snap. When the snap is ready, the screen of the phone will show a flirt message. Your crush will be asked to leave his/her phone number/social profile. Thanks to Camera Flirt App you can ask someone on a date without awkwardness.

This free app captures images with a single tap. It takes just seconds to snap and the the screen will show the flirt message to the person, holding the device.

How it works? Just hand over your phone, ask that someone for a snap and when the snap is ready, your phone will ask that someone for:
1) a phone number
2) social profile
3) a drink.

Download Camera Flirt for your device now.

Some say it’s a dating app smarter than Tinder. Other say it’s the better future of dating apps. See for yourself how Camera Flirt App works like a breeze.

Here is a video of Camera Flirt in action:

Last updated 12 Jul 2018

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