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Run! Theres something standing behind you!!!

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Camera Hoax is a virtual special FX photo app which offers different stickers to be placed on an ... More

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Published 29 Mar 2013

Many of us claim to be non believers when it comes to aliens and the supernatural but anyone who witnessed any of British mentalist and illusionist Derren Brown's recent TV shows will know that even the most avid skeptics have their moment of doubt. Let's face it, most of us get scared pretty easily. Now, I'm hardly suggesting that this new fun iOS photo editing application is going to turn your hair white overnight, but I am going to tell you that it's a great piece of entertainment that you can share with your friends. Camera Hoax is a special expects photo app where you can place scary images into your photos, tinker with them slightly for greater effect and send them as fun pranks to your friends.
Camera Hoax is a virtual special FX photo app that offers some of the coolest scary effects available to prank your iPhone friends. And probably the most surprising aspect of this entertaining little photo app is that, with a bit of fine editing and tweaking, you can make the 'stickers' look pretty damned cool. The app offers various 'stickers' featuring UFOs, aliens, scary ghosts, dinosaurs, creepy faces, ferocious animals and many more and lets you 'stick' them on your own photos to create spooky images. Just click a picture from the app or select one from the photo library, place one or more 'stickers' from the app onto you picture then simply re-size them and rotate them...