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Published 9 May 2015

Regular FeedMyApp readers might remember a review that we conducted last year of an excellent photo and video application for iOS8 called Camera Plus. Our thoughts were that, despite a plethora of great iOS camera apps available on the market (not to mention the excellent default camera that is built in to both iPhone and iPad,) Camera Plus was one of the better ones we had come across because of its sheer convenience and the fact that it is a hell of a lot of fun to use. This simple to use and newly updated version offers budding photographers all the previous features like instant photo capture, video recording and countdown timers etc as well as automatic syncing, an intuitive interface and plenty more. But, even better, it is now also fully optimized for the new Apple Watch. This means that your iOS device is now a camera that is connected to your wrist and the Apple Watch is your viewfinder to the world.
Global Delight has long been regarded as one of the groundbreakers in app development and the company's video and photo app Camera Plus is very highly regarded and considered to be one of the best in the app market. It has been featured as one of the best photo and video apps in over 120 countries since it's initial release. There are a few reasons for this but probably the main ones are   its utter simplicity and its ease of use. The app comes with some unique high-end features that have been simplified into simple taps to deliver brilliant captures each time it is used. Camera Plus is fully compatible with the new Apple Watch and automatically syncs with Camera Plus for iPhone and iPad when opened - providing a truly seamless photographic experience with no extra action required and no fumbling for different devices between shots. This new extension instantly captures your precious photos and videos and takes them to a new level by using the AirSnap function to deliver them directly to your Apple Watch - eliminating the need to go searching for your iPhone or iPad to make that important click. Camera Plus acts as a remote to control all your photo and video capture functions and the Apple Watch option means that you can effectively control all the different facets of photography from your wrist. This includes photo capture with instant preview, video recording, the choice of using either the front and back camera, flash and countdown timer. You can choose from three different focusing features including macro to bring your subjects into focus and get really sharp photos. Finally, you can edit your photos by adjusting the lighting, adding a little color with some smart filters and then some text to tell your story and sharing on your favorite social media network.
Camera Plus is one of the first camera apps to take advantage of the new Apple Watch technology and is the perfect way to snap those instant moments on your iPhone or iPad. Its great for group selfies and portraits with your family and friends as well as in those moments when you have to take a photo RIGHT NOW to capture that photo and share it with your friends. The Apple Watch presents a new way to interact with your personal device controlled from your wrist and Camera Plus gives you the power to immediately capture all your shots and videos wherever you are and without having to constantly be switching devices. Camera Plus on the Apple Watch is an extension to Camera Plus that will be available to all those who have the app on an iOS 8.3 and later device.

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