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Published 5 Oct 2014

Now that Apple seem to have eradicated most of the bugs and problems from iOS8 it might be time to take advantage of some of its benefits. Camera Plus is an exciting, fun and easy to use app that has long been regarded as one of the better photo and video applications for iOS. This new version - fully optimized for iOS8 - takes full advantage of the upgrade. It makes the art of photo taking much simpler with its use of one-tap actions. You can easily shoot photos and videos using the remote control feature, adjust the lighting to get the perfect look to your shots and use one of the different focus modes to help you to take very impressive sharp photos. There's a lot more to it too...
Since its release, Camera Plus has been featured as one of the best new photo and video apps in well over 120 countries. It has earned this position by including some rather unique high-end features and making them easily accessible using simple taps. This makes it easier for everyone to produce brilliant photographs every time you use the app. Going beyond the default camera app, Camera Plus lets you shoot photos and videos via remote control with ‘AirSnap’, intelligently adjust the lighting with ‘Lumy’ and capture crisp shots with different focus modes as well as a fair bit more.  The AirSnap feature lets you pair any two iOS devices and capture photos and videos remotely from afar - one device becoming the wireless camera and the other becoming the remote control unit. Use the fullscreen preview on the remote device and you'll get a live view of exactly what’s in front of the camera. Now you wont have to miss out on any more photos, videos and selfies involving your family, group, pets and more. In the Focus feature, you can choose from Macro, Normal and Far to bring desired subjects into focus and get really sharp photos. This proves a brilliant way of adding depth to your photographs and giving them perspective. The Lumy feature is an intelligent exposure slider that adjusts the lighting perfectly according to the environment. It ensures that you get the perfect brightness and lighting in all of your photos and videos. If you want to add a layer of emotion to your photos and give them the personal angle there are a bunch of unique, handpicked filters to choose from. Create a story for your photos by choosing from several beautiful font styles and colors or be your own director and give your videos that cinematic treatment with the Focus Shift feature that effortlessly brings your desired subjects in and out of focus and obscures the rest. If you are feeling particularly lazy, you can use the Pix'd feature to magically transform your shots into beautiful photos with just a tap. There are even a couple of special iPad-only features including one which could come in handy. The Soft Flash feature compensates for the lack of a camera flash by making your photos look as if one was used.
Being as there are so many photo and video apps available for iOS then why would you choose this one over the others or the excellent default camera, if it comes to that? Well, for a start, it's one-touch commands make it easy for amateurs as well as more experienced photographers to use. The app thankfully isn't overloaded with features that you probably won't use but the ones you do get are beautifully functional and allow you take dynamic photos and videos every time using the various effects available. The remote control feature via Air Snap makes it easier than ever to put yourself in the picture with your friends or pets and adds another dimension to the selfie concept. I guess the review in The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) sums it up best when it says that Camera Plus with Air Snap provides all the tools you need to help you take excellent photos by helping you best align, focus and compose your images and be a step ahead of the competition.

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