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A next generation photo and video app for iOS8 that puts you in the picture

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Designed for iOS 8 and featured under the ‘Best New Apps’ in 127 countries and other ... More

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Published 5 Oct 2014

Now that Apple seem to have eradicated most of the bugs and problems from iOS8 it might be time to take advantage of some of its benefits. Camera Plus is an exciting, fun and easy to use app that has long been regarded as one of the better photo and video applications for iOS. This new version - fully optimized for iOS8 - takes full advantage of the upgrade. It makes the art of photo taking much simpler with its use of one-tap actions. You can easily shoot photos and videos using the remote control feature, adjust the lighting to get the perfect look to your shots and use one of the different focus modes to help you to take very impressive sharp photos. There's a lot more to it too...
Since its release, Camera Plus has been featured as one of the best new photo and video apps in well over 120 countries. It has earned this position by including some rather unique high-end features and making them easily accessible using simple taps. This makes it easier for everyone to produce brilliant photographs every time you use the app. Going beyond the default camera app, Camera Plus lets you shoot photos and videos via remote control with ‘AirSnap’, intelligently adjust the lighting with ‘Lumy’ and capture crisp shots with different focus modes as well as a fair bit more.  The AirSnap feature lets you pair any two iOS devices and capture photos and videos remotely from afar - one...