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A next generation photo and video app for iOS8 that puts you in the picture

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Published 5 Oct 2014

[cont'd] Flash feature compensates for the lack of a camera flash by making your photos look as if one was used.
Being as there are so many photo and video apps available for iOS then why would you choose this one over the others or the excellent default camera, if it comes to that? Well, for a start, it's one-touch commands make it easy for amateurs as well as more experienced photographers to use. The app thankfully isn't overloaded with features that you probably won't use but the ones you do get are beautifully functional and allow you take dynamic photos and videos every time using the various effects available. The remote control feature via Air Snap makes it easier than ever to put yourself in the picture with your friends or pets and adds another dimension to the selfie concept. I guess the review in The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) sums it up best when it says that Camera Plus with Air Snap provides all the tools you need to help you take excellent photos by helping you best align, focus and compose your images and be a step ahead of the competition.