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Cameran is the first camera app to stylize smartphone photos with designs from a world-renowned ... More

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Published 4 Jan 2013

Mika Ninagawa is a multi award-winning Japanese photographer and filmmaker who made a name for herself with her vibrantly colored photographs of goldfish, landscapes and flowers. She went on to make the live action Manga movie "Helter Skelter" as well as the music video for the song "Sugar Rush from the  "Wreck-it-Ralph"film last year. Now she has joined forces with Japan's Media Technology Labs to present a quite beautiful photo app called Cameran that manages to up the ante for these kind of apps. This free iOS app provides over twenty different unique Ninagawa inspired filters to turn your photos into a visual feast to share with your friends.
When half the world seems to be addicted to Instagram its nice to see a different take on the photo-stylizing application at last. Cameran is the first camera app to offer ultra stylized smartphone photos with filters inspired by the work of world-renowned Japanese photo artist Mika Ninagawa. Cameran delivers elegance never before seen in a smartphone camera app. The app provides over twenty adjustable filters that enhance smartphone and tablet photos with a colorful, imaginative style turning ordinary photos into works of art. The unique and vivid filters, inspired by the art of Ninagawa include ones called Butterfly, Shower, Balloon, Imitation, Toy, Lomo, Beauty, Vintage and Warm. The filters wrap your photos into creative designs and vibrant colors that completely transform the look and personality of the photograph. In addition Cameran includes 21 Ninagawa designed wallpaper with names like Pink Flower, Tropical Fish, Rose in Bloom, Smile, Dream, Gorgeous, and Sunny. When photo creations are shared on social media sites, users unlock additional wallpaper styles to increase their wallpaper collection. Either take a photo with your iPhone camera or use a picture from your photo library, stylize them and share them on your favorite social network to impress your friends.
Regular readers of FeedMyApp will know how much we love a new photo app and Cameran fits the bill and more. What we love about it most is its vibrant filters that transform rather dull photos into something way more special. The unique filters are unlike any iveseen in the many photo stylizing apps available and they have obviously captured the attention of the app loving world as it has hit over one million downloads in the first ten days of release. With many Instagram users thinking of changing over following the recent monetizing faux pas i can see a bright future for this free and easy to use photo app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Jump on the bandwagon now.

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