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Published 7 Feb 2012

Campalyst is a very clever social media monitoring application that analyzes trends and conversations from your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It's clever because it's monitoring analytics allow you to measure and increase your ROI in real terms rather than just counting the number of 'likes' you might get. Your 'likes' might well bolster your ego but, unless they result an increase in business or a better awareness of your product or event, they aren't going to do a lot for your bank balance.
Campalyst is a social media management suite of tools that help you turn interest into sales. It was designed after numerous conversations with leading global marketers, agencies, brands and publishers to work out where social media marketing is heading and what the next steps are. It provides social media management software that tracks sales and conversions from social media and helps brands publish content to Facebook and Twitter. On top of this it can manage multiple social media profiles from a single dashboard as well as following fans and followers from a tweet or status update on their favorite social network. Right up to the point of online purchase or a conversation on the brand's website. In this way brands are able to measure and increase sales and conversions from their social media properties thereby maximizing ROI, instead of just the number of "likes". Campalyst helps brands and agencies to update unlimited Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts and YouTube Channels all from a single dashboard.
As you can see, Campalyst has the ability to analyze your social media content better than most and, as most marketers prefer, delivers it to a single dashboard. It sorts and analyzes the posting of text, images, image albums, links and videos while taking into account the location and language targeting of updates for social media pages. Best of all, it tracks your customers' interactivity right up to the point of purchase. Campalyst is a remarkably simple to use app that deals with complex data. If you are looking for a comprehensive way to monitor your social media it would be silly not to consider this one. There's a free trial on now if you are quick.

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