Developer description

Campfire is an application designed for creatives working in the entertainment industry and developed with the latest in AI vision and search automation. Users can upload and share images and videos, create portfolios, view detailed analytics, download free resources for design and editing applications and find contract work with top agencies and small businesses. We built this app with five people and we are going strong against companies with thousands of people on their payroll.

Our Site currently solves a host of problems that exist with current platforms:

Other platform: Too many ads, not enough creative content, too broad focused
Campfire: No ads, ONLY creative content, very specific focus

Other platform: Poor search, poor recommendations, limited analytics, branded marketing platform
Campfire: Advanced Search with category recommendations, topic recommendations, search history, search by color, and related images are based off of Tensor Flow 2 AI trained to see images from a design perspective.

Other platform: Limited audience (Specifically designers, illustrators, and UI/UX artists)
Campfire: Entire creative spectrum is covered from concept art to finishing visual effects and web ui. Users can create teams of artists and manage projects with proprietary task management tools.

All Platforms: No design versioning
Campfire: Designs can be uploaded by the user and our platform will track and display versions as well as associated files so projects can be backed up and managed during production.

Last updated 3 Dec 2019

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