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Campusbazar is a free web application for college students that enables them to buy and sell ... More

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Published 4 May 2012

Campus Bazar is like a Craigslist that specifically caters for local students. It's a free one stop marketplace that can be localized to your specific college and provides a place where all student needs can be satisfied - well, maybe not everything a student needs - but you can buy and sell everything from unwanted game consoles to text books. You can even advertise for a new room mate too, if you like. In fact, it can have everything in it that you won't find at the campus shop.
Campusbazar is a free web application for college students that enables you to buy and sell wares to and from other students from their own or surrounding campus'. It was created by ex students who know only too well how hard it can be to find the right people to sell stuff to or buy stuff on campus. When you do find a secondhand campus market there is no doubt that you are able to save a lot of money. While you could go on Craigslist to the stall the stuff you need or want to sell there is always the problem of meeting up with some rather strange characters at pick-up time. To avoid this issue, Campus Bazar requires an .edu email verification in order for users to be able to contact sellers or post wares keeping transactions 'in house' so to speak. There are some things you'll never find in a campus bookstore. A roommate, a futon, cheap textbooks. Even with social networking, it can be hard to find the right people on campus to sell and buy. Campusbazar is the better alternative to Craigslist for students where you can sell your outdated game consoles, find someone who will be happy to take that old college couch. or even buy that new PC you've been looking for. If you are not sure if you are getting the best value then Campus Bazar allows you to compare directly to Amazon to check prices. You could even find a new roommate that is an actual student and, thanks to the .edu Email verification, you  won't be asked to go to Western Union and send in some money before you can see an apartment.
Campus Bazar works very well as an alternative buy and sell marketplace for students and does it on several different levels. First up, with students always needing to save a dollar or two, the deals you will find advertised here are coming directly from other students and at lower than retail secondhand prices. Given that it's a localized service you will also be saving on postage and transport costs to deliver or pick up your goodies. It's a major convenience that everything is in one place too saving you a bit of time. No more scouring the back pages of the local newspaper or checking notice boards. It's security aspect is also good and should make you a little less nervous about just who it is you are buying from or selling to. Campus Bazar is easy to use - just name your college and click the button - and free to operate. Oh and there's an iPhone version just around the corner, too

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