Developer description

Campus Jobs simplifies the hiring process for students and employers. Currently, the ecosystem is fragmented and split university by university. The problem is that it is difficult and expensive to hire students at multiple schools, and to manage the employee recruitment pipeline. From the perspective of employers, Campus Jobs allows users to post jobs across one or more universities. This simplifies pipeline management and billing into one convenient portal.
Rather than pay up to $250 or more per listing across multiple platforms, search engines, and job boards, employers pay one fixed monthly fee. Additionally, students sign up for job alerts at each school which increases the effectiveness of posting as opposed to other methods which do not have students actively waiting to hear from jobs.
From the perspective of students, Campus Jobs allows users to browse the relevant job board for their school and sign up for alerts. Jobs are quality controlled and the UX is clean, simple, and fast. Each job posting is relevant and poignant to students, as opposed to regional job boards which contain miscellaneous listings (for example, craigslist). Universities are the last component of Campus Jobs. collaborates with universities on an individual basis in order to get a live stream of jobs posted in order to truly become the one-stop hiring focal point for students and employers. This makes it easier for universities who can now reference which has a dedicated developer and requires no additional resources from the universities. The relationship between Campus Jobs and universities is not a paid one as of right now, but in the future it is considered a potential revenue stream if we expand into licensing job board software.

Last updated 5 Oct 2014

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